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Suburban School and Library Boards Get Dramatic

School and library board elections throughout the Chicago suburbs are also taking place this Tuesday. Many districts have controversies over social justice and history curriculum, book censorship, police in schools, etc. If you live in one of those areas, research carefully, talk with knowledgeable friends, attend/watch candidate forums, and check out candidate websites/news coverage. These are really important races that affect daily life significantly, especially for children! You can find what offices are up for election in your area and who is running using

Awake IL is a highly conservative organization focused on school board elections. Seeing who they are supporting may be a good tool in discerning where candidates stand. You can see their endorsed candidates here, and I'd typically recommend voting opposite of them.

I'm most personally invested in Skokie's elections among these, where I have family, and I'd recommend Durr, Stennett, Wood, and Farzaneh there in the Niles 219 District. The Skokie 73.5 District for middle/elementary schools has only incumbents running for reelection to their current seats.


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