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News Roundup 2.4.23

Chicago Police Eject Resident Who Spoke Against ComEd Deal from City Council Meeting

WTTW -- Police cracking down on free speech (speech fully within council regulations) against Lightfoot's ComEd deal "Chicago police officers ejected a leader of the Chicago chapter of the Democratic Socialists of America from the City Council chambers during Wednesday’s City Council meeting after they said the deal Mayor Lori Lightfoot brokered with Commonwealth Edison “spit in the face” of efforts to fight climate change and prevent corruption. Sean Estelle told WTTW News that they believed they were “politically targeted” because their remarks angered Lightfoot. After Estelle was removed by officers, Lightfoot failed to marshal enough support on the City Council to fast-track the deal’s approval." Click to read article

How Chicago's 2023 Mayoral Candidates Plan to Address the Affordable Housing Crisis

City Bureau -- Questionnaire regarding candidate plans on affordable housing. Lightfoot, Garcia, Sawyer, and King Click to read answers

Chicago Tribune Editorial Board Endorses Paul Vallas

The Tribune editorial board, which generally leans somewhat conservative, endorses Paul Vallas. (Not much of a surprise- though if Sophia King had been polling and fundraising more strongly, I think they might have gone with her.)

Click to read article

Better Government Association Policy Mayoral Candidate Questionnaire

Better Government Association -- Candidates provide answers on transparency. Mayor Lightfoot refuses to participate. Click to read responses

Take the Chicago mayoral candidate quiz

Chicago Sun-Times -- Quiz to match with candidate policy positions Click to go to quiz Click to go directly to candidate answers Endorsement

Independent PAC enters the fray in aldermanic races, aiming to elect ‘Obama Democrats’ and opposing 2 Democratic Socialists

Chicago Tribune -- Big business and trade union-funded PAC with Emanuel and Pritzker connections backing Lightfoot appointees and challengers to Democratic Socialists with big money

Click to read article


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