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A More Progressive Council for Chicago

Looking at my predictions for this election as well as the change we've seen in the council since 2015, I'm greatly encouraged by the direction the council is headed. I've given each alder a rating and tracked the distribution of the council over time.

Purple= clear progressive

Blue= somewhat progressive, some concerns

Yellow= establishment/moderate, concerning, maintaining the status quo

Red= right-wing anti-progressive and/or corruption concerns

We're absolutely headed in the right direction and could have a majority of at least somewhat progressive alders after this election, while only 20% were in this category after the 2015 election and even less after the 2011 election. Alder Carlos Rosa was elected in 2015 as the first democratic socialist and lone truly clear progressive on the council, but we could have 14 (or even more!) this time around. The grassroots progressive movement builders putting in countless time and energy into transforming our government have been making huge progress that will transform our city for this generation.

Get out and vote and help make this change happen!


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